• Xernona Clayton Documentary Premiere

    Xernona Clayton Documentary Premiere

    Abby stunned the audience with her stellar performance at the “A Life to Remember” documentary premiere on the life of...


  • 2015 Sun Awards

    2015 Sun Awards

    Abiodun attends the 2015 Sun Awards in Africa at the Eko Hotel. She spoke briefly and sang during the special...


  • Ogun State School Visit

    Ogun State School Visit

    Abiodun makes a surprising visit to an all-girls school in Ogun State located in southwestern Nigeria. The students were rewarded...


  • Christmas 2014

    Christmas 2014

    Ms. Koya paid St. Nicholas a visit this past Christmas. We let it slide because she’s been a good girl....


  • On Set 2014

    On Set 2014

    Abiodun portrayed multiple roles on film and television sets during 2014. Stay tuned for her breakout role....


  • Comedy Night Atlanta 2014

    Comedy Night Atlanta 2014

    Abiodun Koya makes her comedy debut at The Punchline comedy club in Atlanta, GA. She was fresh, bold and made...