• Nigeria Presidential Inauguration

    Nigeria Presidential Inauguration

    Abiodun Koya attends the 2015 inauguration of Muhammadu Buhari in Abuja, Nigeria. Koya sang the classic tune “Climb Ev’ry Mounatin”...


  • Andrew J. Young International Leadership Awards

    Andrew J. Young International Leadership

    Abiodun Koya took to the stage at the inaugural Andrew J. Young International Leadership Awards on May 17th held at...


  • Xernona Clayton Documentary Premiere

    Xernona Clayton Documentary Premiere

    Abby stunned the audience with her stellar performance at the “A Life to Remember” documentary premiere on the life of...


  • Sun Awards

    Sun Awards

    Abiodun attends the 2015 Sun Awards in Africa at the Eko Hotel. She spoke briefly and sang during the special...


  • Ogun State School Visit

    Ogun State School Visit

    Abiodun makes a surprising visit to an all-girls school in Ogun State located in southwestern Nigeria. The students were rewarded...


  • Christmas


    Ms. Koya paid St. Nicholas a visit this past Christmas. We let it slide because she’s been a good girl....


  • On Set

    On Set

    Abiodun portrayed multiple roles on film and television sets during 2014. Stay tuned for her breakout role....


  • Comedy Night Atlanta

    Comedy Night Atlanta

    Abiodun Koya makes her comedy debut at The Punchline comedy club in Atlanta, GA. She was fresh, bold and made...